Part 1: The PPC Plan

Current Situation Analysis

The current situation analysis includes the target market and the competitors of the SoOrganic Soap Company. According to Bishop (2022), identifying target customers and competitors forms the first step in drafting a successful PPC plan. The SoOrganic Soap Company targets different customers who provide a market for their products. Among the targeted customers are the health-conscious people who do not want to use cancer-causing chemicals, people with sensitive skin, and those who are environmentally conscious. The company has its successful handmade, toxin-free, and organic competitors in different cities in Canada, including Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. Some top competitors with high-quality products are Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Saje wellness, Canada Slopworks and Les industries Groom and Mellow. Some corporations compete with the Organic soap company, including Unilever Canada Inc, Procter & Gamble Inc, Loreal Canada Inc, Corporation Development Knowlton Inc and Lush Handmade Cosmetics Ltd.

SWOT Analysis of the Organic Soap Company

SWOT analysis considers a company’s strengths and its weaknesses in addition to available opportunities and possible threats. The strengths for the SoOrganic soap company include that their products are all made of 100% natural, vegan, and organic raw materials. The products are chemical-free and plant-based and do not contain pesticides. The products are free from Sulfated cleansers, Silicones, Parabens, Mineral oil, Petrolatum and Formaldehyde. However, one of the weaknesses is that the SoOrganic soap startup company is not fully shaped and formed. The team is young, and they do not have enough expertise in this market. One of the opportunities is that ecommerce has lowered production costs and improved customer relationships online. However, the threat of competitors, as outlined in the situation analysis.

Company Strategy and Goals

The SoOrganic Soap Company’s strategy is to increase the marketing sales of organic products by 50%, including expanding the customer base through ecommerce. The company has the following goals:

I. Increase the sales of organic soap products and overdo the current competitors in the organic soap industry by 50%.

II. Increase the marketing space to achieve the same market position as the corporation involved in soap manufacturing.

III. Increase the current ecommerce of organic soaps to achieve a 50% increase in online clients.

Budgeting and Strategy Implementation

First, revenue will be sourced from ecommerce sales and advertisement through Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and influencers and subscription services. The revenue will be distributed depending on the cost structure, including part of the marketing cost. Each ad will be allotted proportionately to ensure the company’s strategy is achieved. The Ecommerce channel for implementation include, Website, Facebook, Instagram, and Google, paid sponsorship for influencers and bloggers and third-party e-commerce platforms (


Part 2: Promotional Tactics

One of the goals of the organic soap company is to increase by 50% the online customer base and achieve greater sales through ecommerce. For the startup company to promote its organic soap products and achieve the set goal, it will employ referral marketing. Online referral marketing helps penetrate the market since after one customer consumes the soap product, they refer others to use or discard the product, affecting sales volume. Different marketers have relied on referral marketing in ecommerce and made tremendous achievements. E-commerce companies frequently use referral marketing. Amazon, for instance, provides an advertising program which pays up to 10% commission to users who effectively refer others to place orders on its marketplace. In the same way, eBay also has an affiliate network in which members can earn approximately 70% of eBay’s earnings if they create sales via networking (Cao et al., 2021). Such a referral scheme will assist the SoOrganic soap company in acquiring new consumers by utilizing members’ social contacts or influence.

Another tactic that the organic soap company will use is offering discounts on goods on sale and giving promotional gifts that are branded with the company’s logo and have all the details of the soap company. The tactic aims to eliminate the stiff competition that the organic soap company face from its rivals and the corporations involved in the large-scale manufacturing of soaps. According to Bhasin (2021), offering branded promotional gifts and discounts is also the most effective way to keep your clients happy. People enjoy free presents, and a satisfied consumer will almost always bring you additional business. Therefore, they find it good to buy from the SoOrganic soap company as opposed to the other competing firms.


Part 3: Social Media Content Calendar


Time Schedule

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