The content for the final exam topic should be taken from readings from either the The American Yawp or Oakes text, the McPherson reading, and information from our previous Civil War assignment. While I don’t have strict rules on the length of the response, the assignment should try not to exceed five pages, double-spaced with one inch margins (Note that formatting will probably be lost when you copy and paste into the email, so don’t worry if the response doesn’t feature double-spacing, etc. when you send). Make sure to review the definition of plagiarism and let me know if you have any questions regarding it.

Submit your assignment through Canvas under “Assignments” before the due date and time listed on this page. I may not be able to extend much late time, so make sure to stay in touch with me if you don’t think you can submit your work within eight hours of the due date and time.


Final Exam Topic

The American Heritage web site features an essay by James McPherson titled, “A War That Never Goes Away

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.” Discuss that essay. What is McPherson’s thesis or main points and how does he prove his argument? Do you agree with the author? How has the Civil War affected the United States? Was it a war that occurred some one hundred and forty years ago that has little impact on us today, or did it forever change the nature of the country? How did it affect the country immediately following the war? Who were the losers and winners in this war? I have our Civil War assignment page still posted, so feel free to draw from that resource as well.

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