Guided response: Evaluate several of your peers’ perspectives. For at least two peers who had different roles than yours, suggest two additional needs or concerns for your peer’s role. Explain why these aspects would be pertinent or would affect your peer’s assigned role.

Question 1 (Talal)

What’s in It for Me?

Assigned role: General Partner

During this change, the role of the general partner is to ensure this video conferencing system is a successfully implemented and therefore a successful and worthwhile investment. The general partner will be expected to work closely with the CEO in order to create value during the implementation project. And finally, part of the General Partner role is to cooperate and support employees in making this transition easier for all (Nichols, 2017). As the General Partner, my needs would be to know the full scope of this project and understand the concerns raised by employees ahead of time so they can be addressed accordingly. Specifically, my concerns will follow the concern of others as I would not want an unsuccessful teleconference implementation. This would not only continue to have a negative impression on workers, but it would reflect poorly on the DargeanGrix brand (Yohn, 2016). As such, to alleviate my concerns within the transformation project, I would keep a close eye on daily progress of the implementation. Would also setup specific milestones for important steps so I can monitor progress. Additionally, I will ensure resolution of any issues that were raised up to me or ensure they have been adequately addressed by a competent member. Lastly, I would keep a close connection with the end users to ensure the teleconferencing system is being implemented as intended with desired results and no new issues arise.


This implementation project will undoubtedly have countless benefits. One such benefit will be immediately realized even before work starts. This benefit will be an increase to employee morale. It is clear that most, if not all employees have been very frustrated with the old audio and video conferencing equipment. When they see that DargeanGrix has taken actions to immediately resolve this problem, employees will feel glee to know that their employer listens and cares about their concerns (Kluwer, 2020). The other and more direct benefit would be that of improved audio and video conferencing capabilities throughout the organization. If the new system is as good as it is claimed to be, this will significantly enhance the communications at DargeanGrix. And as a result, this will improve overall team collaboration and workmanship. However, even with these benefits, there is a looming disadvantage that can bring a big enough drawback to counteract all the benefits.


The problem with these benefits is that it hinges heavily on whether the new system will in fact be better. A significant problem can arise if the newly implemented audio and video conferencing system is not of high quality and has its own set of slow, lagging, glitchy and buggy features. Not only does this mean that the problem associated with the poor teleconferencing issues persist, but there will be a notably negative impression from employees and customers onto the company and the DargeanGrix brand (Yohn, 2016). The best way to address this problem is to ensure thorough technological research is completed prior to system implementation, a training and implementation plan is developed and follow and finally, an insurance policy which can cover the cost of a failed or unsuccessful transformation is sought.


QUESTION 2 (Aaron K)

For this exercise, my role in the DargeanGrix scenario is vice president. As a vice president, I am able to generate my own projects and deals, and have an enormous amount of knowledge within the company (Bechhold, 2022). My experience and overall knowledge provides me with a large amount of influence in the decision making process when it comes to the direction of the company, and can act independently if needed. I also have a team of managers under me, who I provide direction in seeking out new investment opportunities (Zajac & Lungeanu, 2016).


The new video system that would be ran by the vender SeausNow Video, is a great idea and I would like myself and my team to be a part of it. I would want the new video system to be provided to my team and begin using it as soon as possible. My role would be to monitor the process and determine if there is an increase of decrease in productivity (Greenblatt, 2022). I can also monitor how effective the new vendor’s role in providing technical support and how well they integrate into the company’s systems.


There are several benefits to use SeausNow Video as our video conferencing vendor, but I would like to focus on two of them. The first benefit we would receive from using SeausNow Video is the reduction of stress of clients and employees. The new video system would streamline the video conferencing process and improve the user experience. This would increase both employee and client satisfaction, and create brand loyalty in the process as well (Sherman, 2019). The second benefit from this new system would be lowering the cost of maintenance and troubleshooting. By having one system that is ran by SeausNow Video, maintenance and troubleshooting is handled by the company based on the terms of the contract between DargeanGrix and SeausNow. This decreases costs because DargeanGrix does not need to contact a technician who might not be familiar with the system (Kleynhans, 2016).


One issue that I can see is that this is going to be a big change and there might be some employees who struggle with change. To help facilitate the changes I would like to recommend a plan that would provide lines of communication between employees and leaders to capture feedback on the new video system, and try to eliminate any issues employees or clients may feel (Lindenberger, 2018). By capturing the feedback, leadership can adjust objectives to meet employee and client needs and make a smoother transition into using the new equipment.


I would also want to make sure everyone knew the reason for the change. Explaining why change is important the business because if employees and clients do not understand the need for change, they might not fully adopt the new system or become skeptical (Lindenberger, 2018). If everyone understands the reason for change, the company can get the buy in from their employees to fully support the new changes.

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