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Project Title: Generating More Sales for Air BnB

Project Objectives:

· Financial Objectives


Operational Step

Responsible Person Timeline
Increase direct flights Shante (Market Research Manager) 8/15
Increase mobile application conversion rate Antwan (Marketing Director) 9/10
Increase reservations Kenny (Marketing Director) 8/15



· Customer Objectives

Operational Step Responsible Person Timeline
Customer retention Gloria (Customer Service Representative) 8/10
Provide a highly usable booking platform KJ (IT Manager) 9/15
Train all Air BnB employees on appropriate communication Gloria (Customer Service Representative) 8/15


· Internal Business Objectives

Operational Step Responsible Person Timeline
Improving brand awareness Diann (Media Relations Manager) 09/30
Improving customer satisfaction Gloria (Customer Service Representative) 09/30
Enhancing guests experiences Gloria (Customer Service Representative) 08/20


· Learning and Growth Objectives

Operational Step Responsible Person Timeline
Reduce employee turnover Walter (Human Resource Manager) 09/30
Remarket to satisfied guests Gloria (Customer Service Representative) 09/30
Enhancing customer experiences in the mobile app and website KJ (IT Manager) 08/20


Each of the financial objectives in the project aim to increase the revenue earned through Air BnB’s operations. Increasing direct bookings would translate into increased use of Air BnB services, and consequently higher sales revenue. Increased mobile application conversion rates would bring to the fold customers who would otherwise have chosen substitute products (Devesh, 2017). Lastly, increasing reservations would allow more customers to access Air BnB services.

The customer objectives aim to enhance the customer experiences and satisfaction with the Air BnB services. For instance, providing homely experiences among customers would increase customer retention. Enhancing the online booking platform would ease the booking process leading to higher customer satisfaction. Consequently, new customers would be attracted to the platform thereby increasing Air BnB customer base. Improving customer services would also ensure the retention of existing customers and attract new ones.

The internal business objectives aim to improve internal business process to increase revenues and customer satisfaction. Improving the brand awareness would increase Air Bnb’s customer base. Through advanced advertising methods, Air BnB can reach more customers. The demand for Air BnB’s products would increase. Improving employee satisfaction would improve their morale. Motivated employees have higher productivity rates. They are also more likely to improve customer satisfaction. Therefore, Air BnB must improve employee satisfaction through proving competitive salaries, offering quality working conditions, investing in employees’ training and development, rewarding success, embracing employee voice and enabling a work-life balance for the employees (Hult et al., 2019). Another internal business objective is to ensure customers have homely experiences at Air BnB locations. This objective may be achieved through personalizing Air BnB rentals to meet each customer’s needs. Other ways of improving customer experiences include providing complimentary services, offering multiple communication channels and integrating customers’ input.

The learning and growth objectives aim to impart the employees with skills and competencies that would enable them to provide better services to Air BnB customers. Well trained employees would have lower job dissatisfaction scores resulting in higher employee retention (Al Kurdi et al., 2020). Increased employee retention (lower turnover rates) would reduce hiring and training costs. Remarketing to satisfied guests would ensure that they would return for more services in Air BnB locations. Thus, remarketing would ensure high customer retention rates. Lastly, enhancing customer experiences on the Air BnB mobile app and website would enhance customer satisfaction by generating better usability. Therefore, it would attract more customers and retain existing ones.


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Devesh, S. (2017). Service quality dimensions and customer satisfaction: Empirical evidence from retail banking sector in Oman. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 30(15-16), 1616-1629. https://doi.org/10.1080/14783363.2017.1393330




Copyright 2020 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.


Copyright 2020 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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