One of the issues I saw when my son was in school was that there were so many kids and so few adults to watch over them. I started my son in a very small, uniformed, very attentive Baptist school. I did not pick the school because it was Baptist. I picked the school because they took the time I felt like my son needed to teach him a lot of things that he wouldn’t get in public school and I liked that the base of everything they did start with God. I’m not saying that my choice of a higher power is better than someone else’s opinion on their higher power or even if they believe in a higher power. I think either way giving them something good to go by, no matter anyone’s choice of religion, I like it that the school’s base was God. I am a spiritual person I do not have a set religion, but I feel that there is something bigger than me and I should do my best to do right by others. I don’t like the idea of putting fear into our kids to do good. I like the idea of putting love into our kids to do good and this school did that. When my son went into public school it was an adjustment for him. He did not get the one-on-one attention he needed in his studies and I was a working mom so I had to hire him a tutor to come to my home three times a week. Here is a link I pulled. I’m not behind everything being said here. I do agree that we need more teachers with fewer students to look over and add more schools not expand on the same buildings but put fewer kids in one space altogether. Spread it out


I feel there is a mix of blame regarding school violence. While it is the student’s fault, and they do so knowing they are doing wrong, the school system and the parents are also at fault. Bullying in schools has become almost routine for some kids, with the victims either too scared to speak up about it or not believed when they do. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior involving a real or perceived power imbalance. Bullying includes making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose (USDHHS). My bonus son has been bullied for years; when teachers are told, they tell him they will handle it and do nothing, or if the bully does get into trouble, the teacher has told them who said they were being a bully, which in turn makes it worse. When he fought back after no one else would do anything, he also got into trouble for fighting because “violence will not be tolerated.” I have seen the toll it has taken on him in regards to his self-esteem and his want to socialize with his peers, and while I cannot fathom his soft heart turning into a significant violent even, I can see how it could push someone else to the extreme. As for the blame that can be placed on parents, some refuse or are scared to discipline their children when needed. Those children grow up to be undisciplined adults who, in turn, have more undisciplined children, making the problem much more prominent. Another point towards the parents is violence seen at home between the adults of the house. A child will think it is okay to be mean to others if they see their mother, father, aunt, uncle, etc., being violent at home and will often mimic their home life on others to feel some power.

Schools should act on what is said to help with the violence problems we see today. Instead of blowing off or naming students when they report bullies, the bully should be handled appropriately depending on the severity and length of the bullying. I feel that physical discipline should be implemented back into schools instead of the detention/suspension used now. If the only repercussions for bullying are being sent home or kicked out of school, nothing is stopping it.


How I would make the school system better is to have one rule across the board. What is good for the goose is good for the gander, and also creates a free from fear environment by stressing respect for all.

According to ( safe schools promotes the protection of all students from violence, exposure, to weapons and threats, thefts, bullying and harassment, and the sale or use of use illegal substances on school grounds, and other emergencies. School safety is linked to improved student and school outcomes. In particular emotional and physical safety in school are related to academic success.

So I would put cameras at strategic points of the school and grounds. regular workshops and seminars on adaptable and acceptable behavior within the school district, invite resource persons to come and also take the students on field trips that will enhance their behavior.

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