Debate – Do brands have finite lives?

Often, after a brand begins to slip in the marketplace or disappears altogether, commentators observe. “all brands have their day.” Their rationale is that all brands, in some sense, have a finite life and cannot be expected to be leaders forever. Other experts contend, however, that brands can live forever, and their long-term success depends as much on the skill and insight of the marketers involved.

Take a position: Brands cannot be expected to last forever versus There is no reason for a brand to ever become obsolete.


Prof. Bryant


These written assignments submitted through Canvas that all students in the course will read. First, a student must clearly state which side of the debate they are on (e.g. I believe that salespersons are born and not made). There are two parts to the discussions: for all discussion assignments you will post at least 100 word post on a particular topic AND respond with at least a 100 word response to one post by a fellow students. In your response post, address the person by name and do not just repeat what was stated in the original post. Your response should add more context, your opinion or experience, or something meaningful, showing that you have thought about the topic. Sentences like “I agree with this” or “That is interesting,” will not be counted towards the 100 word requirement.

To help you do the best you can, I am giving you a grading rubric for the discussion postings and replies:

● Posts – Due Thursday at 11:59pm in the week: ○ A 3 point post has: thoughtful commentary that specifically includes

a reference w/citation and/or discussion to the reading; personal experience when relevant; introduces new ideas and questions; and/or thoroughly addresses the topic; includes at least the minimum number of words.

○ A 2 point post has: reference to some type of course material; some personal reference but may not clearly connect to the course material or topic; did not thoroughly address the topic; includes at least the minimum number words.

○ A 0-1 point post has: incorrect or partial posts; no reference to relevant material; irrelevant ideas; does not meet the minimum number of words; is repetitious; no post

● Points will also be taken off for incorrect spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. Do not write like you do when texting or messaging. You need to use

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