Now that you have completed the projects in this course, take a moment to reflect on what you have learned and communicate your thoughts with your peers. This is a great time to share strategies and challenges so you can all continue finding opportunities to improve your coding skills. Begin by briefly answering the following:

· What are three things you have learned from your experience with the projects?

· What are two questions you still have about coding and its applications?

· What is one way you will apply your learning from the projects in the future? Consider your professional goals as you form your answer for this question.

Part 2: Compare your future application of the coding skills that have been addressed in this course. Consider the following in your posts:

· How are your goals for applying your coding skills similar to those of your peers? Is there anything in your peers’ posts that you might consider investigating for your own future plans?

· Can you share any resources or ideas you have come across in your learning that would benefit your peers’ goals?




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