Module 7

Discussion topics include:

1. Leadership and change

2. Charismatic leadership

3. Transformational leadership

Assignments for Session 7 include:

1. Text: Chapter 16

Charismatic Leadership Theory

When I ask students to think of people that have or had charisma, I often get answers like Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Elvis, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Charisma is hard to define but everyone knows it when they see it. A charismatic leader leads by example. Such a person represents a vision for change–a change for a better future.  They are successful in rallying employees around this vision and they make exceptional efforts through personal example to achieve the vision.  Charismatic leaders are exciting and energizing to their staffs.

Transactional vs. Transformational Leadership

Transactional leaders are those who guide or motivate followers toward accomplishing organizational goals. Transactional leaders make roles and requirements clear for employees.  They establish rewards for good performance and recognize accomplishments.  They only get involved when there is a problem (management by exception).

Transformational leaders have charisma and provide inspiration to their employees.  They tend to have individual relationships with employees and provide intellectual stimulation.  They act as advisors and coaches and instill others with a sense of mission.

Module 7 Discussion Questions: 

Note:  Please type the question and then the answer which should be about 250 words for each question.

1. Explain how a leader’s sense of self-efficacy is related to that person’s ability to lead change.

2. Describe the most charismatic leader you know.  What are the characteristics that make this person charismatic?

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