Milestone and Critical Path In the barn project there will be several milestones to celebrate. The big waiting game is for permits, but once those come in the first milestone can happen, breaking ground for the barn on July 25th. August 30th will be our next milestone with completing the framing and roofing. The electrical inspection will determine that the installation included GFCI-protected outlets, that the breaker box can maintain the currents at a safe level, and electrical wires are run through conduits. This inspection will be completed on September 14th. The final inspection will happen on October 5th. The inspector will look for exposed nails, a lack of ventilation, proper shade in stales, fire hazards, like no lightning rod, are there fire extinguisher. Chemicals, gas, and oil are to be stored in appropriate sealed containers. They will check to make sure the hay is stored in a separate area due to its flammability. The grounds will be checked to verify that all weeds and grass are cut around the barn and that jute mats are placed at the barn entrances. As long as we meet all standards, we will pass and can open our barn.

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