Instructions for reply 1 Visit the Gallup (2022) Confidence in Institutions website. Pick two (2) institutions

listed, and discuss changes in confidence in these institutions over time. What percent of Americans had

a great deal/quite a lot of confidence in these institutions over time? Is confidence in these institutions

generally increasing, decreasing, or staying the same? What do you think is an explanation for these

changing trends over time?

*Reply posts should also be substantive and at least a few sentences in length (i.e., demonstrating review

and understanding of the material) 4-5 setences

Reply 1

Hidden Curriculum

I think an aspect of the hidden curriculum that is taught in school would be respecting your elders. Most kids in school respect their teachers and go to them with concern and questions. This is an aspect that I definitely carried on with me into highschool, college, and the real world when it comes to occupations and who is in charge of you. Another great example would be having a good work ethic. School teaches you that you have to get things done in a timely manner for your teacher to “reward/be proud of you” such as in real life jobs you need to get your work done good and on time to maybe get a raise or promotions.


Instructions for reply 2&3

For your original post, describe a situation/characteristic about you (related to age or ability) about which people have incorrectly assumed you were unable to do or understand something. In other words, what is a situation when someone stereotyped you because of your age or ability. Explain how that made you feel, how you responded, and what could have been done to improve the situation. Expand your answer by describing how people can use our intra- and interpersonal communication (from lesson two) to navigate situations like this. Remember the goal would be to have productive and successful interactions. (Ideas to help you develop your posts: think about aspects of intercultural communication… motivation, mindfulness, tolerance for uncertainty, and cognitive flexibility…).

For your response post, respond to at least two classmates with additional information, perhaps offering another way to demonstrate intercultural competence or by sharing other ideas about their comments. 4-5 setences


Reply 2


Discussion 4 One time in which I felt stereotyped because of my age was around my second year at my current job. I was around 25 at the time. It was winter here in Ohio and it has snowed overnight and when I went to go to work the plows has not yet been on the road to start to clear them. I was heading to work with my truck in 4 wheel drive so I wasn’t having any issues getting around. I did however have to make a sharp right turn onto a street that that was at a “V” to the road I was on. I slowed down to take the turn but because of the 4 wheel drive and such a tight angle the front wheels kind of lock up a bit as they spin if they don’t have enough traction. As I took the turn I got about halfway through it and my truck started to slide straight ahead. I ended up bouncing off the curb and luckily no one was in the other lane at the time. A woman from my work happen to be at the same intersection and seen what happened.

When we got into the office she commented to me how I was out “showboating” around. I explained to her I was simply trying to make the turn and lost traction. She insisted I was interntionally sliding around in the snow because of my age. This bothered me quite a bit as I don’t consider myself to be the kind of



person that does reckless things like she was insisting. I believe I explained to her three times in our conversation that I simply lost control on a slippery corner but each time she responded with “uh huh, showboatin'”.

I responded calmly to her and had a normal conversation but inside I was very annoyed that she had this image of me that I felt was untrue. I honestly am unsure of how I could have responded to the situation better after explaining the facts and having it ignored because of my younger age. Now me and my friends at work joke about it occasionally, but the situation did have a negative impact on me because I felt I was stereotyped as a reckless young male trying to show off

Reply 3


week 4 I think age plays a big part of how people think of you in life. when people look at a young person they think dumb and dont know what they are doing witch sometimes is the case. when they look at a old person they think they are wise and they know what they are talking about. this can be case for some old people. I think theirs is a werid age where somepeople think your young and some people think your old witch would be 30-45. I think age has played a part in my life when I showed up to work, they probley thought that this kid wasnt a good worker and isnt a hard worker witch isnt the case at all

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