I think that there is no reason for a brand to ever become obsolete. While many brands do end up hitting the end of their life or dying off, it doesn’t mean that the brand has to. You look at Ford Motor Company. The company has been in business since 1903. Have times changed with automobiles since then? Absolutely. And Ford has always been adapting with those times. Progressive politics has lead to a huge increase in a demand for electric vehicles and the end of internal combustion engines. Is Ford going to die off? No. It’s going to change its product and Ford already has multiple offerings of all electric vehicles. As long as a manufacturer is willing to adapt and change their product and make advances as time goes on, there is no reason for the brand to die off. Another important factor in keeping a brand alive is brand management and marketing. If you are able to keep the image up you can keep the sales up. I think that this could be said for nearly any type of company or brand out there. Products may die, but a brand doesn’t have to. It simply has to find a way to survive and carry on.

Young, Laurie. “Products Die but Brands Can Live Forever.” Products Die but Brands Can Live Forever | The Marketing Society, Mar. 2011, https://www.marketingsociety.com/the-library/products-die-brands-can-live-forever.

Debate – Do brands have finite lives?

In your reply post, you must respond to a post from a student that has an opposing stance than you.

Often, after a brand begins to slip in the marketplace or disappears altogether, commentators observe, “all brands have their day.” Their rationale is that all brands, in some sense, have a finite life and cannot be expected to be leaders forever. Other experts contend, however, that brands can live forever, and their long-term success depends as much on the skill and insight of the marketers involved.

Take a position: Brands cannot be expected to last forever versus There is no reason for a brand to ever become obsolete.

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