I have chosen to look at confidence in the news paper and television news. These institutions are similar in what they report, but their confidence over the years differs slightly. Both of these institutions show decreasing confidence since their earliest years reported. Television news is down to nearly a third of their original confidence, while news paper retains about half. Both showing a drastic decrease. The reason for this decrease in confidence is likely due to the amount of information available to viewers today. Because people today have so many sources to choose from when it comes to news, it is no surprise that confidence in news sources has been decreasing.

Example Repy RE: Week 4 I like that you looked at and compared two similar institutions. I briefly glanced over those as well and I’m honestly not surprised they are so low. As you mentioned, there are tons of ways to find new information now a days, so people don’t tend to trust the first source of information or they go seeking out more information anyway. I think another reason possible for the low confidence in these institutions could be partly because people ultimately get to choose what they believe and seek out sources that confirm so. Fake news can also be a big problem at times, also newspapers and TV can sometimes be biased sources of information.

Example Reply RE: Week 4 Great Job Logan, I totally agree. I think watching the news or reading the news paper is becoming less popular because in a click of a button we can get latests updates on our phones. It is no surprise that these things are decreasing when only half of the regular newspaper polutation is still reading it. It’s sad to see things so traditional like this die out but times are changing.

Another Post

Discussion 4 I know I am probably not the only person to experience this, but because of my age older people

often assume that I am “uncultured,” or that I don’t know music and pop culture from earlier

decades. It’s very frustrating that people congratulate me for knowing something when it’s just

something I enjoy and that is a part of my family (my mom made a point of having us watch “classic”

movies and listen to many different kinds of music). In fact, I even experienced this today at work!

Older people should consider going into conversations like these with younger people with a more

open mind. Assuming that a younger person does not know the same things as you is demeaning.

They might know what you’re talking about, but if they don’t that’s okay as well because it’s not a

part of their pop culture.


Example Reply RE: Discussion 4 I like the points you made in this post. I find that it is very one sided, older folks want us to learn their culture and things that were popular in their times, but tend to be closed minded when we bring up topics from our generation. I guess it just goes to show how people know what they know and cognitive dissonance is a real thing. Great Post!

Example Reply RE: Discussion 4 I also get the problem with people assuming I don’t know anything from their generation. History exists for everyone to know, not just the people alive at the time it was written. Not pleasant that people ignore that mindset and generally think that any past events are only known by people who were there.

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