Evidence Table/Matrix (100 points)


Directions: The evidence table/matrix should include all studies which will be included in the draft of the introduction and literature review for the clinical scholarship project due at the end of the semester. At least 10 studies should be included and in alphabetical order according to author. Complete the following items on the word document (.docx) provided in the module (download the document, complete it, then upload into the assignment area). Or, copy and paste the assignment (below) into your own word document (.docx), then upload it into the assignment area. (adapted from Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2019, p. 724). Each section is worth 10 points (10 sections x 10 points = 100 points). DO NOT ALTER THIS DOCUMENT (a 5-point deduction will occur)


Name (-1 point if missing):


Academic Program & Population of Focus (-1 point if missing; e.g., BSN-DNP, Pediatric Primary Care):



Citation (in APA) Purpose of the Study Framework/






Major Variables Outcome Measures Statistical Analysis Findings Strengths/Limitations/



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