criminal justice system sometimes is not compatible with counter-terrorism measures, in the sense that the criminal justice system, when engaging in counter-terrorism actions, they tend to overlook and sometimes violate the human rights of the suspects. Even in a court of law, proper investigation is not properly done before changing the criminals. The purpose of counter-terrorism is to reduce the rate of terrorism while at the same time following due process and upholding the human rights of the victims. The major area of incompatibility is a human rights violation. (“Counter-Terrorism Module 4 Key Issues: Criminal Justice Responses”, 2018)

Firstly, the criminal justice system needs to be equipped with the necessary resources to help them do thorough investigations before prosecution is done. Secondly, officials within the system need to be trained in upholding the human rights of the terror attack suspects. The officials who are found to have violated these rights need to be punished. Thirdly, in the court system, when prosecuting and charging the suspects, due process must be followed just like other criminals are treated. Charging of the suspects should be evidence-based, not just suspicion or based on prejudice. Lastly, special units dealing with terrorism need to be created within the criminal justice system. (Isanga, J. 2008).

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