Consider an organization with which you are familiar. Identify the characteristics (broad geographic location, size, general field of service or product) of the organization without using the name of the organization. How have stakeholders influenced a major decision in the organization? Why was the stakeholder influence so significant? Explain.


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For this piece, I’ll be focusing on ABC Elementary. Located in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, Elementary ABC is a tiny public charter school. 450 kids are enrolled in the school. This school used to be a private preschool that served children in Pre-Kindergarten through First Grade. Without state assistance, this private school was unable to grow its enrollment. The board of directors understood that they had to become a charter school in order to get state support. The organization’s ultimate objective was to grow into a bigger one. The board of directors had a different vision than the employees who would really work at the organization, and this must be taken into consideration (Yakushkina,2022). Goals are the intentions that stakeholders have for the company, according to Alexander. The school’s design was heavily influenced by its original goals. The school was able to construct a facility with 25 classrooms, an indoor gym, and a dance studio after it had the right finances in place for the project. Finally! As a board, they decided that a school library was unnecessary. The conclusion was taken that a dance studio would be more beneficial to the school than a school library. The value of a school library cannot be overstated by any teacher. It was determined that a dance studio would be more cost effective due to the need for additional furniture, books, and a system for checking out and checking in books (Francis, et al. 2020). The founders of the private school were on the board of directors, and they were instrumental in the creation of the charter school. Their daughter was a dance instructor; thus, the studio was crucial to this pair. They envisioned her running after-school dancing programs and charging parents for the privilege. This would help the school raise more funds. For their financial support, this couple had a greater impact on the school’s decision-making process. The charter school would have their name attached to it. When it came to hiring and firing, they made the ultimate choices, not the principals or deputy principals (Alesso-Bendisch, F. (2019). Their niece, a psychologist going through a divorce and looking for a new professional path, was the primary school’s principal. Prior to the charter school’s establishment, she had never worked in a school or with children, but the board selected her as the school’s principal because she was the most qualified candidate.

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