2. View one of the films from the list (you will need to find the film on your own). You should view the film at least twice. Take notes as you go and pause and replay scenes that you don’t understand or that you find particularly interesting.

3. Write a paper which answers the review questions listed.

A. For minimum credit answer ALL the questions. Number your answers.

B. More complete and thorough answers will receive higher scores.

4. Papers must be type written and double- spaced. No papers will be accepted by email. LENGTH: 4 pages minimum to 7 pages maximum. Keep “Similarity Report” below 5%.

5. DUE DATE: Check Syllabus and Canvas

REVIEW QUESTIONS 1. What is the true subject or theme of the

film, and what kind of statement, if any, does the film make about the subject? Which elements and which scenes contribute most to addressing the theme of the film?

2. How do all the separate elements of the film relate to and contribute to the theme, central purpose, or total effect? Film Elements include:

A. NARRATIVE – The manner in which the story is told. What is the plot structure? Is it chronological or non-linear? Are there flashbacks or other narrative devices? Why are they used?

B. ACTING – The qualities of the performance. Is the acting realistic or is it mannered? Are the characters dynamic (do they change as the film progresses)? How?

C. CINEMATOGRAPHY – The qualities of the photography and lighting. Identify specific scenes and camera shots that you thought were particularly interesting.

D. EDITING – The pace and tempo, the use of transitions and the organization of the narrative. Identify any editing technique that you thought was particularly interesting.

E. ART DIRECTION AND DESIGN – Locations, sets, effects, props, consumes and make-up.

3. What scene in the film show the director’s style and how do they show it?

4. What were your PERSONAL reactions to the film? What are your PERSONAL reasons for liking or disliking the film?

FILM LIST CHLOE ZHAO FILMS: Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2015) The Rider (2017) Nomadland (2020)

CLINT EASTWOOD FILMS: Million Dollar Baby (2004) Sully (2016)

MERYL STREEP FILMS: The Devil Wears Prada (2006) Julie & Julia (2009) The Post (2017)

RECENT FILMS: If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) Blackkklansman (2018) Shopflifters (2018) First Reformed (2018) Coda (2021) Dune (2021) West Side Story (2021)





Q: Do I need a cover page?

A: Yes. Include your name and the film title that you are writing about.

Q: Can I use size 14 font or bigger?

A: No. Please use a size 12 font.

Q: Can I triple-space my paper?

A: No. Please double-space your paper.

Q: Can I write 3 pages and 2 sentences and consider that 4 pages?

A: No. Anything less than 4 full pages of writing will receive minus points as it doesn’t fulfill the assignment requirement.

Q: Can I write more than 4 pages?

A: Yes, you may. In fact, to do a thorough analysis it is recommended.

Q: Can I write the paper in standard paper form?

A: Numbering your answers in the manner suggested will be fine. I’ve provided you with an outline for your paper that’s quite straightforward. But if you would like to write in standard form, you may.

Q: Do I need to include the questions on the paper?

A: No, please DO NOT include the questions.

Q: Do I need a works cited page?

A: Only if you end up using other written sources. Note: the works cited page will not count towards your 4-page minimum count.

Q: Is there a limit on the similarity of the paper to other sources?

A: Yes. Make sure your paper has a 5% similarity report or less. You can check your report upon submission and resubmit if necessary.

Q: What would I have to do to get a 90 or above on the paper?

A: Answer all the questions in a thorough manner. Demonstrate that you have understood the concepts conveyed in the chapter on film analysis. Details are vital for a film analysis.

Q: Can I pick a film of my own choosing?

A: No, it has to be from the provided list as they pertain to the topics covered in class.

Q: Will you provide me with a link for the film?

A: No, you will have to obtain the film on your own. I would recommend searching the streaming services — i.e., Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Kanopy is free for students.

Q: I had (fill in the blank) happen to me/my family/my friend/etc. Can I turn the paper in late?

A: Yes, you may. I understand things happen. You may submit the paper late for a 10 point per week deduction. Example 1: Paper was due on May 1 and you submitted on May 2. That’s an automatic 10 point deduction. Example 2: Paper was due on May 1 and you submitted on May 9. That’s an automatic 20 point deduction as the paper was late 8 days (1 week and 1 day).

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