Assignment: Family Assessment

Assessment is as essential to family therapy as it is to individual therapy. Although families often present with one person identified as the “problem,” the assessment process will help you better understand family roles and determine whether the identified problem client is in fact the root of the family’s issues.

To prepare:

· Review this week’s Learning Resources and reflect on the insights they provide on family assessment. Be sure to review the resource on psychotherapy genograms.

· Download the Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation Note Template and review the requirements of the documentation. There is also an exemplar provided with detailed guidance and examples.

· View the Mother and Daughter: A Cultural Tale video in the Learning Resources and consider how you might assess the family in the case study.

The Assignment

Document the following for the family in the video, using the Comprehensive Evaluation Note Template:

· Chief complaint

· History of present illness

· Past psychiatric history

· Substance use history

· Family psychiatric/substance use history

· Psychosocial history/Developmental history

· Medical history

· Review of systems (ROS)

· Physical assessment (if applicable)

· Mental status exam

· Differential diagnosis—Include a minimum of three differential diagnoses and include how you derived each diagnosis in accordance with DSM-5-TR diagnostic criteria

· Case formulation and treatment plan

· Include a psychotherapy genogram for the family

Note: For any item you are unable to address from the video, explain how you would gather this information and why it is important for diagnosis and treatment planning


Here is the website for the video Mother and Daughter: A Cultural Tale. . (2003).[Video/DVD] Masterswork Productions. Retrieved from

Here is the story in the video

The Patient(s) have been through three types of trauma

The mother and daughter video consist of; Hx of domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and hx of immigration which related to trauma.

There’s a mother that has 5 children, they have to leave their home in Iran to America but sadly one of the children were left behind and the child that was left behind was raped by her father

The mother was a caregiver but currently experiencing a traumatic illness, she is disabled and unable to walk/working. The interview/paper will address different forms of trauma and the way the younger adult with biracial few life

the patients names who presented in the video are Patti and Sharleen, the mother being Patti and the daughter being named Sharleen they have both been going to therapy for 1 and a half years. (their therapist was present during the interview and the interviewer

as I mentioned before when they were evicted out of their home her 8 year old daughter was left behind later got a visa and was able to travel to America

Shirin is the name of the girl that was left behind she migrated from Iran to America and she is now 21 years old

Patti live in her traditional matter and how she believes she should raise her child due to religion

Patti has had surgery on both of her feet, and the surgery failed that’s why she’s partly disabled

Patti depends on the kids a lot and expect them to be with her for the rest of her life

The daughter Sharleen says that her mother expect her to be there when she’s bored to entertain her but Sharleen says that she can’t because she’s busy and has a lot to do which eventually leads to them having a huge argument

The daughter presented in the video Sharleen represented the rest of the kids ( 2 other girls and 2 boys; the boys are 15 and 18years)

Patti says she feels depressed saying she doesn’t see her children enough, Sharleen on the other hand says she visited her 6/7 days of the week and that her mom got mad at her for not coming on the 7th day when Sharleen had to get some work done

Sharleen states that she has mentioned this to her mother before and says her mother takes it personal

Sharleen’s mother and father don’t get along well. Her mother has little patient’s and takes it out on others. The daughter wants to live her life and doesn’t want her mother to rely on her and her siblings always

The mother’s likes to have visitors, the daughter states that most of the time the mother is either watching TV or using her phone

Before Patti’s foot surgery she was an independent woman and works as caregive

The daughter that was left behind with her father mentioned when she came to the US saying that her father abused her mentally, sexually and physically and she blamed her mother for the outcome

After she mentioned this hell broke out in this household, there was arguments every second and they were cursing each others out until they started therapy

They both want peace in Shira’s life and for her to experience life, Sharleen want Shira to be more calm so she can talk to her better

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