Building a Barn


Angel Pabon, Gregory Turner, Jacqulin Cadman, Misty Clatterbuck

Timothy Ball, Yara Morales

University of Phoenix


Gary Denney

June 13, 2022













A New Barn

Barns may be simple structures, but there are many steps that go into building the right barn for the customers needs. While barns are practical structures there are still ways to cut costs and make the building itself more sustainable. We will look at ways to cut costs by using recycled materials, glass wood, and renewable energy. Building a barn that provides structural integrity and business growth while allowing our customer to cut their overhead costs is our top priority.

Project Selection Criterion

Barns come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs of the public. Building a barn for horses on a budget will require careful consideration of numerous factors. For example, how many horses will occupy the barn as well as what time of the year the barn will be used. Furthermore, the barn must have the most common features to provide suitable shelter to the horses in a functional way. The team will assess what is required to be obtained to build a sturdy structure that is safe for the horses as well as for workers attending to the horses. Sustainable building materials include glass wood, recycled content, roofs with reflective finishes, translucent panels, and low VOC paints, sealants, and stains. Glass wood, used for horse stalls and fencing, combines wood and glass but looks and feels like wood and can be stained or painted. It permanently protects the decay of the barn. Timber will be used as it is gaining popularity as a building material because it’s aesthetically appealing as well as environmentally friendly (King, 2018).

A suitable lot of land must be secured to lay the foundation and before breaking ground on that lot there are several steps that need to take place. The general contractor must gather information from the city as to the size of the emergency exit and if an Egress window is required per city code. Plumbers, Electricians must submit all plans to the general contractor and the general contractor must submit the plans to the city to have the plan approved and the permits issued to commence construction.


The single-story barn will be Eco-Friendly set up with ample space and the ability to house jumping horses, show horses, trail horses, ponies, and miniature horses. This barn style has full interior space which means that one can work with any of the horses in all-weather conditions. The barn will also include a 20 square feet tack room and a 24 square foot grooming room. The general contractor will have 2 weeks to get all quotes and hire his team of plumbers, electricians, and contracting crew and submit all details to the county for the permits for the barn. These permits will take around 3 weeks to be approved and returned. In the meantime, they can start preparing the land for the barn and gathering all supplies needed for this project. The decision has been made to use glass wood, recycled content, roofs with reflective finishes, translucent panels, and low VOC paints, sealants, and stains. The deadline to have this barn completed gives us a total of 17 weeks to complete this project. Proper precautions must be set for the raining season, hot days, and plans to handle any issue that may pop up have been laid out. The crew has their tasks laid out in a schedule with timelines to hit. The general contractor will be onsite every day assisting the crew and handling all issues in real time.

Preliminary Project Schedule

There are a lot of items that need to be addressed in the preliminary schedule. The items that must be addressed include selecting the general contractor along with the plumbing, electrical, and framing contractors. We also need to focus time on obtaining permit status to be able to build the barn. Once we are able to start building, we have to think about the materials that needed to complete the project, this can be done while waiting for the building permits. When obtaining the materials, we must keep in mind the time that it takes to order, ship, and receive the materials. Again, when we gain the permits to begin building, we can prepare the property for the construction of the barn. Some of the main components of construction a structure includes leveling the property, constructing the framing, installing the electrical components, and setting the plumbing. During each of these components, there must be inspections completed for the barn to be structurally secure and legal. Each of these integral sections of building the barn need to be properly scheduled in order to stay on schedule to complete the overall project on time.

Preliminary Budgetary Plan

Our preliminary project budget is set at $450,000.00 to build a 50’ X 120’ 6,000 square foot horse barn. The purchase price of the property for the land is 50K. We are looking for an outside private contractor to build the barn, which we expect to cost roughly 300K.  For the build the contractor will be required to provide the labor and equipment for construction. All materials for the contractor will be purchased from various private vendors as needed. Subcontractors will be used to provide utilities including electric, phone, and internet. An outside security firm will be brought in to install a security system including a fire suppression system. Another subcontractor will be brought in to put in a large parking lot suitable for larger vehicles used to transport horses.


As you can see our team has made sure to account for everything that the customer and stakeholder could ask for. We have incorporated Eco-friendly design with safety and security. Our project team has done the necessary research to allow us to build the barn of your dreams. With our plan the barn will be up and running in just 17 weeks. This build will allow for a cost effective solution to your companies needs in a short period of time.



King, Ben (2018). How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Barn that Benefits the Earth and Your Bottom Line.

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