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1. What is the thesis of your Response?

1. Defend your Response in 100 words or less




Why are teachers and educators getting pay very low if we change and have good education?


As a Preschool teacher I have noticed that many people in the education system, teachers, special education teachers, gym teachers, librarian, school counselor, tutor, school psychologist are all some of the jobs that I know is a passion for some but very underpaid for the amount of work we do for the pay we get. The school system itself allows teachers to endure trauma every single day and only ask them to do more and more while teachers mental health comes last. This has triggered a lot in today time for teachers to quiet, and also rethink in the education field they pick to get their degree in. For the amount of time, we are out into getting a bachelors, a masters, a license to go sit in a front desk office for more money is very ridiculous. We as teachers need more mental health days and better pay, but we do it because we love working with children. The six pillars show us trustworthiness by keeping our promise to never give up as a teacher, responsibility do what you are supposed to do. Try your best, caring as teacher we are kind, we share, we are open-minded, and don’t take advantage of others, citizenship we do our share to make your home, school, and community better. As teacher, I feel we make up lot in our school, and community.

–  Lesli Hernandez



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