Week 2 dq1 445

Raqiyyah Eaves

Hi Class,

The code of ethics is a set of core values, principles and standards that both social workers and case management uses to follow to set boundaries and to accommodate their clients. Social workers promote social justice along with social change on behalf of clients as case managers focus on a plan of actions to best assist the client with their needs. Some of the core values of social work include Social justice, integrity, service, importance of human relationships and competence. Case management is the practice and collaborative process in which they plan, coordinate, evaluate and assess the options and services that meet an individual’s health needs (Summers, 2015). Some of the core values include autonomy, beneficence and justice. Some of the ethical dilemmas that case managers may have to face are choosing between the client and the organization. For the case manager to avoid this type of ethical dilemma he or she would have to remain professional and communicate effectively. In section 1.07 of the code of ethics for social workers it stated that social workers should respect the right to privacy of clients. Therefore, another ethical dilemma would be giving out personal information to a relative who may be calling to understand exactly what is going on with the client. In order to refrain from any ethical issues the case manager must remember the codes of ethics that are put in place to protect both the client and case manager.



Summers, N. (2015). Fundamentals of case management practice (5th ed.). Cengage Learning.

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