Select any (3) articles from this list provided. Give a reflective review explaining the existing knowledge on the topic. Use support obtained from your readings for comparison. MLA format with citation is required. Each review must be on an individual document page and be at least 225 words (excluding citation). Submit each paper to Dropbox under Week 1 Outside Reports. Make sure to list the article you selected in the report. Articles are below.

Extra Reading Articles:

Technology is Stealing Our Time and Attention. Here’s Why We Should Care.

How Digital Health Technology Can Help Manage The Coronavirus Outbreak

Can Digital Health Help Stop the Next Epidemic?

Is Technology Hijacking Our Minds?

How Privacy Vanishes Online

Olympics attendees in Tokyo can chat with a talking bubble device straight out of a comic book

‘Autonomous weapons are among the world’s dumbest ideas’: A.I. CEO

Why Google co-founder Sergey Brin was using a robot to put sutures in synthetic tissue

Privacy vs. Security

Security Breach and Spilled Secrets Have Shaken the N.S.A. to Its Core

How Depressed People search the internet

Sexting and Our Moral Future

An Examination of Sexting- Developing Safe Technology Practices

If you track me will we still trust each other?

In-Air Signature gives mobile security to the password-challenged

Legal & Ethical Issues in Technology

Ethical Issues with Business Technology

When It Comes To Online Privacy, A Disconnect For The Young

Healthy Practices

Intellectual Property

Saving the world through social media? How development is going digital

The Danger of Using Creative Commons Flickr Photos in Presentations

Legal Ethics and Social Media

Mobile phones have made some young people more vulnerable than ever

What Are the Ethical Issues and Human Issues Concerning Technology in the Classroom?

Ethics in Schools in Information Technology

What are some significant ethical practices of technology use that a person would implement in a classroom and explain to students of all grades?

Tools for Teaching Cyber Ethics

Social and Ethical Uses of Technology: Summary

7 things you should know about…Creative Commons

Digital Citizenship

On-Line Copyright Resources

Expert explains the ethical dangers of using technology to alter human nature   (includes video)

Internet Ethics: Oxymoron or Orthodoxy?

Taking ethical photos of children for medical and research purposes in low-resource settings: an exploratory qualitative study List of Ethical Articles

Moving the lines between copyright and fair use

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