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Literature Review – Organizational Behavior 2







Organization Behavior.


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Roles in the Workplace

According to Preskar’s research from 2020, an organization’s structure should be designed to allow workers to take responsibility for their job without requiring constant micromanagement. It is necessary to have unambiguous definitions of roles and duties to categorize professionals according to their level of experience and expertise, and finally by the degree to which they are needed against the number of people who possess the necessary skills. “people spend a substantial amount of time working and building connections” in organizations, making organizations an essential group (p. 1057). The company’s overall productivity and sense of unity are significantly influenced by the organizational structure it now employs. “Organizations must develop a positive relational environment in the workplace to enable workers to enhance their resources to face ongoing changes in work to promote their well-being. It is essential that the various levels of management in an organization share responsibility for its duties in an equitable manner. The writers discussed above investigated several different approaches to organizational design by identifying roles and areas inside the organization.

Consequently, Preskar’s method was less complicated and got directly to the point, using concepts and reasoning based on organizational design. Tasselli et al. describe a workplace in their book that has workers spending a significant amount of time working together and getting to know one another. Since incivility in the workplace is not always evident, there is a chance that a person would experience a loss of their sense of self-worth if they are subjected to it (2018). In their view, the pursuit of a single objective by a group of people who come from various backgrounds and have had a variety of experiences might have potentially detrimental repercussions. It has a domino effect on an organization’s culture when individuals abuse the authority to harass or criticize their colleagues.


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