Please answer each question separately


Why is SPLISS valuable to your sport’s organizational structure? Hint: look internationally, nationally, and locally for value.

Where/how does it fall short? Where/how does it thrive? Explain.

What suggestions do you have to evaluate the needs of individual athletes within your sport and your sport’s high-performance pathway curriculum to promote appropriate sports policies that will lead to international sporting success?


Securities violations are the subject of review and enforcement of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a federal agency. Two types of violations found in SEC cases are (1) spoofing, and (2) insider trading.

Spoofing is a deceptive trading practice to manipulate the market where traders place fake orders to trick others into trading at either inflated or depressed prices, resulting in losses to deceived purchasers and profits to the spoofing trader. For further information on spoofing.
Insider trading is buying or selling on the basis of personal knowledge the trader has or acquires by the benefit of a relationship not available or known to the general trading public. For further information on insider trading go to.
PROMPT: For this discussion, research further, either spoofing or insider trading SEC violations. Find and share a case example no more than 5 years old in SEC cases (do NOT use the spoofing case already cited in the above press release) that illustrates the practice you have selected. In your initial Discussion post cover the following in reporting the case:

Briefly explain spoofing or insider trading (whichever one you have chosen) and why it is illegal (e.g., effect on business, society);
What is the specific statute and/or regulation violated by this conduct?
Identify the SEC case you have selected and provide a link to the case;
Describe the violation illustrated by the case, e.g. Who are the parties? What did the violator(s) do that constituted spoofing or insider trading? Who was harmed by the violation?
What is the ethical framework did you observe was followed by the violator(s) in committing the illegal conduct? (Explain.)
Explain how the case was resolved, e.g., What happened to the violator(s)? What were the penalties levied against the violator(s), if any?
Do you believe the result is a just resolution of the violation? Why or why not?
Share any other thoughts you have on this topic.

Contrast looksism and extreme body modification. What are the main differences? Then, analyze how the path of resistance or internalization might play out for a person falling into the category of lookism, and a person falling into the category of extreme body modification.


Yes, another exercise in Human Relations, the manager with a disgruntled employee. We see disgruntled employees in the military, civil service and the business world. You cannot escape them, but this class may help you think about ways to deal with them

1. You have just been hired by Yummy Juicy, a national corporation that sells organic juices at most major retail stores. You have been hired as the West Coast Distribution Manager. After about five weeks on the job, you get the following email:


You are hurting this company. You have continued to try to force all of us to change our ways and follow procedures that are no good. I am not sure why you got the job. You trained us on the new procedures, which wasted hours of our time. Don’t bother to reply to this email, I know nothing will change.


Bob (disgruntled employee)

2. Complete the following:

a. Develop an email response. Use the three-step process for being assertive. Bob is one of your first-line supervisors and has been with the company for 20 years. Mary, another supervisor tells you that Bob is just trying to bully you and that most other supervisors love the new processes. (I realize many of you would call Bob into your office, but for this assignment, you must generate the email).

b. Do you find it difficult to be assertive in your own life (personal and professional)? Why or why not?

c. What are the risks of being assertive with Bob? Make sure you utilize common course terminology when explaining the risks.

3. Mary comes to you later in the day and says, “Boss, Bob is trying to negotiate with you, he has a target in mind, and is not flexible, so his limit is not much different than his target.” Explain what Mary is talking about (explain, in your OWN words, the concepts of targets and limits during negotiations).


Elizabeth Kirk (2016) explores the role of gesturing in encouraging creative thought in young children. The study conducted revealed gesturing increased the number of novel ideas generated by children. This gives us much to consider as we look at what drives our creativity!

Considering the course materials for the week, think about the situations in which your creativity is at its highest. In what format is your creativity best expressed?
If you were asked to define and develop a measure appropriate for your ideal display of creativity, how would the definitions and instruments of measures be described?

Kirk, E. (2016, December 14). Gesturing can boost children’s creative thinking.


Societal changes have led to a change in the nature of initiation rites associated with transition into adulthood. Are young adults better off today as a result of the changes? What are some initiation rites that you experienced and did they help or hinder your transition into adulthood? If you do not wish to share a personal experience, identify a rite of passage and discuss its impact on the transition into adulthood. Be sure to support your writing with references/resources from the weekly lesson. Simply giving an opinion is not sufficient.


So, considering what you have learned so far, why be moral? In the long run, does it matter how you justify your actions if you are “following the rules”? Finally, considering just the theories you have encountered so far, which seems the most compatible with your disposition? Be sure to provide detailed answers. Be sure to apply at least one ethical system in depth, including the application of at least 4 specific aspects of that system in your posts.

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