Part-1 – Project Charter: At the end of week two, you are to create and submit the project charter. This is the first official document to be reviewed and approved by the project sponsor. The project charter will include the following components:

· Project title

· Purpose

· Description

· Objective

· Success criteria or expected benefits

· Funding

· Major deliverables

· Acceptance criteria

· Milestone schedule

· Key assumptions

· Constraints

· Major risks

· Approval requirements

· Project manager

· Reporting requirements

· Sponsor designee

· Approval signatures required






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Scope and Schedule: At the end of week 4, you are to finalize the scope from week two and start building the project schedule. In this week, you are also to work on building the project Work-Breakdown Structure (WBS). Project scope and schedule will include the following components:

– Finalized project scope – WBS structure – Develop project schedule – Identify key milestones and deliverables – Outline project resources and assign them to tasks accordingly. – Stakeholder engagement – communication plan




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Budget and Risk Management: At the end of this week, you are to finalize the overall project cost and clearly document project risks gathered throughout the project. As part of the risk management plan, you are expected to share a risk response plan. Project cost and risk management plans will include the following components:

– Overall project budget (utilizing EVM – share current and forecasted project status) – Project requirements – Cost management plan – outlining contingency plan for project changes – Risk management matrix – Change management process – Project RAID (Risk, The assumption, Issues, and Dependencies)





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Final week, you are to finalize the overall project management plan (PMP) and to integrate all previously submitted components incorporated with instructor (project sponsor) feedback into a single project management plan. The project management plan will include the following components:

– Project quality management plan to include an updated scope, cost, schedule, communication, risk, resources, procurement, and quality) – Project requirements – updated – Stakeholder register – updated – How project RAID (Risk, Assumption, Issues, and Dependencies)will be managed – Project sponsor approval of the key project deliverables

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