Introduction: Teaching in the Savior’s Way

When you think about the Savior’s way of teaching, what comes to mind? Can you see Him teaching the multitudes by the sea, speaking privately with the woman at the well, or blessing a little child? As you read about Him in the scriptures, what do you notice about His way of helping others learn and grow? What does teaching in the Savior’s way mean to you?

The Savior’s Way of Teaching

Jesus Christ declared, “I am the way” (John 14:6). As you ponder His life and your own opportunities to teach, you will find that the way to become an effective teacher is to become more like the Savior. The Savior’s way of teaching came from who He was and the “power of the Spirit” that He carried with Him (Luke 4:14). The key to teaching as the Savior taught is to live as the Savior lived.

And how did He live?

The Savior was full of love. Whether He was encouraging a penitent sinner, tutoring His disciples, or rebuking the Pharisees, everything the Savior did was an expression of love. This love and compassion for people and their needs led Him to teach in ways that were meaningful to them. When the Savior taught, familiar, real-life experiences like fishing, childbirth, and herding sheep became spiritual lessons.

The Savior sought and obeyed His Father’s will and taught His Father’s doctrine. From His childhood Jesus was “about [His] Father’s business,” seeking to do “always those things that please him.” “My doctrine is not mine,” He said, “but his that sent me” (Luke 2:49; John 8:29).

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