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STEM Unit Plan

Title of Unit and Brief Summary: Create a title for each lesson and 1-2 sentences summarizing the lesson, identifying the central focus based on the content and skills you are teaching.


Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Title of Lesson and Brief Rationale

Create a title for each lesson and 1-2 sentences describing the rationale of the lesson and how it will integrate multiple STEM content areas

State-Specific Standards

List specific grade-level state standards that teach and assess multiple science content areas.

Next Generation Science Standard

Identify which Next Generation Science Standards align with state standards.

Learning Objectives

Based on state standards and NGSS, what will be the purpose and focus of the activity? Describe the learning content to be covered.

Unit Resources (including technology) that would be included in the unit.          
APA Citations

(include APA citation for each above Unit Resource)

Resources Rationale

Describe the purpose of the resource and its value in the lesson.

Knowledge and Skills

Specific knowledge and skills students demonstrate based on the day’s activities.

Academic Language and Vocabulary

Content-specific vocabulary included in the lesson.

Summary of Activities for the Lesson

Observable student learning activities and how they are aligned to state standards.

Formative Assessments

Assessments used to monitor student progress and modify instruction.









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© 2018. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved

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