For this week’s Literature Review, make sure the reviews are labeled, (i.e. Literature 1, Literature 2, etc.)  If submitting the assignment as a whole working document, make sure you use the red/black text format as described in numerous previous announcements.

For next week, UNIT 7, rough drafts are due no later than Wednesday, June 15th.  They must be:

· Complete paper, optional is the abstract which is not due until week 8 but can be submitted this week

· MAKE SURE all segments are labeled as stated in numerous previous announcements as follows:

· Abstract – not officially due until final submission in Week 8, but can do it at this time if you wish.

· Introduction

· Peer Reviews 4 of them: (peer 1, peer 2, etc.)

· Literature Reviews, 4 of them: (literature 1, literature 2, etc.)

· Initiative – Describe the initiative to include the stakeholder and target audience

· Implementation – how you are going to implement it, (hypothetically)

· Evaluation” – how you would evaluate the success or failure of the initiative. (hypothetically)

· Conclusion

· All segments should be included.

· This is not graded, it is just given a “0” as a place holder, final grade will be given in week 8.

· If you do not submit a rough draft, you will still receive the same “0” grade, however there will be no comments from me on the paper.

· Make sure to include your ways to evaluate, implement, disseminate, expect feedback, and final summary. Labeled as such: (Evaluation:, Implement:, Disseminate:, etc.) (see above)

· All old work is in is black text, new or modified work is in red text as previously defined.

· if my comments back to you are “can resubmit as is“, that means the rough draft is great and you only need to resubmit as is for the Week 8 turn in.

· Guidelines are the paper must be a minimum of 10 pages, not counting the title page and references, if longer, I am not concerned.

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