ENGL 1110



In a 3 page paper, identify two passages that share a common theme focused on “mindfulness” or “meditation”, as introduced in “Enlightenment Engineer”. You may expand the concept of “mindfulness” or “meditation” and need not stay anchored to the precise definition and application provided by Shachtman in “Enlightenment Engineer”. Found at (https://www.wired.com/business/2013/06/meditation-mindfulness-silicon-valley/all/

Feel free to use quotes from “Enlightenment Engineer” and/or “Digital Natives”. If you wish, one piece may be of your choosing (but not both).

Explore the ways that your chosen passage 1) conveys its theme, and 2) how this theme is similar and/or different from the other piece’s theme.

Theme can be defined several different ways:

1) the message the author is trying to convey to the reader

2) the main idea of the work

3) the moral of the work


A significant portion of the evaluation of Essay #1 will hinge on the following two criteria:

1) A clear and effective thesis that drives and organizes your entire essay; your thesis statement should have at least two sub-points (see power-point link below for clarification).

2) the organization of your ideas into paragraphs with main ideas, and the organization of your paragraphs into a logical and cohesive argument.

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