Discussion: Effective and Efficient Work Processes

Introduction Your supervisor has determined that operations need to be more efficient and effective by eliminating waste and creating value-added work. Your employees need to understand the difference between waste and non-valued-added work so the team can concentrate on what will most impact business operations. How would you effectively explain this to your employees?

The following video outlines Lean Six Sigma tools. As you view the video, make note of how this method could apply in creating a more effective and efficient operation.Web Video

Please watch video to complete discussion.


As the Operations Manager, what is your plan to eliminate waste and create value-added work? For your response, think of an organization that you have worked for in the past that sought to improve their work processes. Explain how they were effective in doing so and if not, what were some of the problems they encountered? How was the percentage of value-added work at the organization determined? How would your plan have differed? How would you communicate your plan to your employees?

Discuss with two of your peers in response, alternative ways to eliminate waste and create value-added work.

Remember to refer to the video above and your required readings for the module in your responses.


The following materials will outline the structure of a discussion, how to submit and reply to a discussion posting, and how your work will be evaluated using the rubric grading tool. Please review them carefully and post any questions you have in the module Q&A discussion forum. Review the rubric carefully and contact your instructor if anything is unclear to you.

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