Discussion: Dialoguing an Issue


What insights have you gained from your critical analysis of your chosen case study?  As you reread and reflect on the case study in preparation for your Assignment 1 submission, consider your own position on the issue posed in the case study. Assuming and supporting positions on issues in fields related to education is important for a leader in education, but your responsibility extends beyond this. You must also be able to communicate your position to others. In addition, you must know how to listen to other individuals’ perspectives and participate in a dialogue about the issue.

In this Discussion, you and your colleagues will read and discuss one another’s perspectives as you debate your positions on the issue in the case study you selected.

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Assignment: Preparing to Debate an Issue

As a leader in education, you will need to be aware of issues that affect the work in your specialization. You will need to be well informed about the issues and understand their potential impact in your field. As a leader, the position you take on an issue may be influential, so your position should be carefully considered and supported. The critical analysis skills you practice in this Assignment as you carefully examine a case study reflect the types of skills you will use as a leader in your field.


In Module 1, you identified three topics of interest in fields related to education. You also read case studies and selected one that was particularly relevant to you and your interests.

My case study (Case Study 3: Issues in K-12 Education).

Three topics of interest

· Function of Technology in Education and Non-Traditional Setting

· Concerns over Common Standards Excluding Disciplines

· Issues Regarding Standards and Expectations for English Language Learners




Review the case study that you selected as well as the resources related to analyzing issues and developing and defending positions related to those issues. Examine the information in the case study to identify stakeholders and problems related to the issue. Consider the information you need to obtain to develop a better understanding of the issue and consider how you might locate this information.

Submit a 2- to 3-page analysis of the case study in which you:


· Identify at least two stakeholders and explain their relevance to the issue described in the case study.

· Explain at least two problems associated with the issue.

· Pose at least three questions that will help you gain a better understanding of the issue.

· Explain how you would proceed to obtain the answers to your questions.


Please use APA 7th Edition with abstract.

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