DB 1

Complete the Hope Scale activity and review your results. After completing the activity, reflect on your answers. How did this activity impact your perspective and expectations regarding your college experience? Highlight any areas that may negatively impact your academic success, and brainstorm at least two ways to proactively approach your college experience that take these areas into account.

In responding to peers’ posts, continue the conversation regarding the importance of the Hope Scale as it applies to collegiate success, and suggest at least one additional way to proactively approach the college experience.

DB 2

The goal of this discussion forum is for students to compile a list of resources to aid in their college experience.

Complete the College Success Factors Index (CSFI) Activity and save a .pdf copy of your results. After reviewing your results, address the following in your initial discussion post:

· List the three lowest areas listed on your results chart (these are typically areas showing below the Watchline or below the Average line).

· Research resources that could help you better understand or improve each area. (Ex. if Task Planning is low, search for tips and tricks on improving your ability to plan).

· Next to each listed area, include at least two resources you found that you plan to use during your college experience. If the resource is a website, be sure to include a link.


DB 3

Online learning is a largely self-directed endeavor. Many students struggle with staying motivated and on-task when there is not a specific “time” or “place” to attend class or study. For this week’s discussion, you will first need to complete the Self-Assessment of Your Self-Regulation activity and save a copy of your results for reference.

In your initial post address the following:

· What surprised you about your activity results?

· How will you utilize these results to proactively approach your college experience?

· Is there a particular area where your results indicated an issue that is likely to affect your success in college? If so, brainstorm ideas for how to counteract this issue.

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