For Writing Assignment No. 4, please do the assigned task set forth in Activity/Case No. 13.9 on page 439 at the end of Chapter 13 of the Guffey text.

The assignment involves writing your resume. Follow the directions provided in Activity 13.4, which include (1) preparing worksheets (for your own benefit in organizing the resume) that inventory your qualifications in the areas of employment, education, capabilities, skills, honors, awards, and activities (as described in Activity 13.4 on page 438 and in Chapter 13 on pages 399-402 and 409-421); and (2) making the resume responsive to a particular job listing that you discovered either through some advertisement or online (as described in Activity 13.9 on page 439). Incorporate, where possible, the techniques and strategies discussed in Chapter 13 for writing a resume, and pick the appropriate resume format, based upon your experience and the type of job you are seeking (see Chapter 13, where some of the pages are noted above to focus on). Also check out p. 413 for some great Action verbs. These are important to include on your resume.

NOTE, HOWEVER, THAT THE ONLY DOCUMENT THAT NEEDS TO BE TURNED IN TO THE PROFESSOR IS THE FINAL VERSION OF THE RESUME ITSELF. The preparation of, and/or research relating to, the remaining materials referenced in Activity 13.4 is for your benefit only and it is designed to assist you with putting together the most effective resume possible to maximize your ability to get the interview you seek for the job you are looking to obtain.

The assignment is worth a maximum of 100 points. It should be single-spaced, in 12-point type, and approximately one page, if possible.

The project will be evaluated based on content, use of specific details and examples, adherence to the directions given for the assignment, use of the strategies for writing resumes set forth in Chapter 13, tone, organization, clarity, conciseness, grammar/punctuation, spelling, and proofreading. The assignment is due to the professor by posting on Canvas or, as an attachment, as per the due date on Canvas. Assignments turned in after that date will not be accepted.

Good luck and have fun!





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