BARS exercise



Section Points
  0 3 5
Task Analysis

Complete a task analysis selecting behaviors and results to be included in the BARS

Task analysis is not provided Task analysis is provided, but it’s missing at least 2 behaviors/results Task analysis is provided and includes all behaviors/results descripted into BARS

Format BARS to be easy to read and to direct observation and evaluation of the intended task

BARS doesn’t appear in table format BARS appears in table format, but with more than one behavior/result in each line BARS appears in table format with only one behavior in each line
  Evaluation categories are not provided 3 or less categories are provided 4 or more categories are provided
Behaviors Pinpointing

Define each behavior as observable with its observable result

No behaviors linked with their results Less than 80% of behaviors are linked with their results 100% of behaviors are linked with their results
Behaviors Measurement

Provide quantitative values for each behavior and result, in order to obtain objective evaluations

No quantitative and numerical values are provided Quantitative and numerical values are provided for less than 80% of behaviors Quantitative and numerical values are provided for 100% of behaviors
Intervention Suggestion

Provide suggestions for participant based on their total score (may select intervals)

No recommendations are provided. Recommendations are only provided for either reinforcement or corrective action (but not both) Recommendations are provided for all scores on the BARS.

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