Need to add something to your grocery list? Want to listen to your favorite song or see who is knocking at your door while you are taking a shower? You can do all of these by simply asking one of the various IoT devices many of us have welcomed into our homes. As stated in the Shapiro Library article  Internet of Things in the Vanguard but Vulnerable to Hacks , “IoT is quickly touching every facet of daily life and it’s becoming bigger and bigger business” (Fanelli, 2019). Should we be concerned with trading convenience for confidentiality? The article goes on to describe service attacks and various ways hackers have gained access to not just our information, but in some cases our homes.

For your initial post:

· Consider the confidentiality, availability, and integrity (CIA) triad mentioned in the module resources.

· Then determine whether you believe that the manufacturers of these IoT devices should be responsible for ensuring the security of their devices or that consumers are responsible for taking appropriate actions to protect themselves?

· Support your choice by describing the measures either the manufacturer or consumer should take and how those measures would ensure confidentiality, privacy, or security.

· Provide at least one additional safety measure that could be taken.


Fanelli, G. (2019). Internet of things in the vanguard but vulnerable to hacks. Rochester Business Journal, 34(46), 12. Retrieved from

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