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Carrillo should not have been convicted based on just eyewitness accounts alone because there is no actual proof that he was the one to do it. Our memory is divided into 3 parts being encoding, storage and retrieval to help us hold information overtime. In this situation the eyewitnesses would have to retrieve the information from that day remembering every little detail. Now some people have excellent memory and some do not. So even if one would remember the event to make sure they got all the correct details in order could be challenging. “They (like the rest of us) can make errors in remembering specific details and can even remember whole events that did not actually happen.” The misinformation effect plays a huge role as well. The misinformation effect is when there are errors in our memory that occur when new information comes into play. This is not done on purpose but you for example you may have thought you seen a stop sign but instead it was a yield sign which can change the scenario dramatically.

Laney, C., & Loftus, E. (2011). Eyewitness Testimony and Memory Biases. Noba.

Carrillo should have been convicted based on the eyewitness accounts because they had seen for themselves that he did indeed do it. Having an eyewitness testify is a very important part of the case and typically can be be big factor in the decision. This is because “most people believe that the human mind is able to record and store every detail of the events we experience.” They use their episodic memory to convey that in this case he was indeed the shooter and should pay the consequences of his actions. In addition to why would someone get up and lie about what they had seen. It is not always easy to be apart of something that could ultimately put someone behind bars so they will tell the truth of what they had seen.

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