For each Topic question please provide :

· the discussion topic, making sure to meet all of the criteria on the rubric.

· A substantive comment should be approximately 200 words or more.

· Cite sources within your comment to support your statements.

· Include at least one reference, properly formatted, not just a link.



Topic 1

Drawing from your personal, professional, and/or educational experience:

1. Identify one health behavior that you personally want to improve upon.

2. Identify and describe one model/theory of health behavior that you will use to improve the behavior you identified in #1 above.


Topic 2

Family-related interventions. Discuss the role of individuals and families in changing health behaviors. Drawing from your own personal experiences, provide examples of how individuals or families can aid and hinder a person’s intention to change his/her health behavior.




Topic 3


Information on organizational, community, and public policy/society-level interventions.

· Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing public policy-level intervention to promote healthy behaviors.

· What are some ethical dilemmas that can come from implementing public policy-level strategies?

Topic 4

discusses the importance of program evaluation. Drawing from the required readings, as well as your own personal and/or professional health-related experiences, what are the pros and cons for conducting program evaluation?

Drawing from your readings, as well as your personal/professional experiences, evaluate and discuss the effectiveness of utilizing comprehensive strategies in decreasing tobacco use and increasing physical activity.

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