FinTech v. Big Banks Case Questions

Please answer these questions thoroughly:

What are the three types of mobile payments and how do they differ?

Which age groups are more likely to adopt mobile payments? Why?

Why have fintech startups had a hard time competing with the tech giants?

What is Zelle and why has it grown so fast in the last few years?


Watch the videos and read the Cyberwar case and answer the following questions:

1. What was the reason for the cyberattacks made against Estonia in 2017?

2. How has cooperation with other nations helped Estonia improve its ability to respond to cyberattacks?

3. How long has the United States been dedicating resources to understanding the cyber vulnerabilities of other nations?

4. In what way is the current cybersecurity environment like the Wild West?

5. What can be an unintended consequence of executing a cyberattack, such as the United States’ use of Stuxnet against the Iranian nuclear program?

6. According to John Yang, how important is Cybercommand to U.S. military power?

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