Discussion: Evolution

This week we are transitioning from the tiny scale of cells to the much larger scale of full organisms. For the discussion this time we will be discussing evolution. Evolution starts at the DNA scale and ends up effecting every living process up to and including group interactions between complex organisms (society and culture).

From a biological perspective a successful organism is one that produces viable offspring (grandchildren). One thing that is true of every evolutionary phenotype is that it increases the organism’s ability to be biologically successful.

This week you will choose a specific evolutionary change and describe in detail how it ultimately may help the organism be biologically successful. This can be straightforward like a bird’s beak shape allowing it to eat new seed types, or it could be as complex (and controversial) as the one held by Dr. Vasey at University of Lethbridge in Canada who hypotheses that homosexuality increased the fertility of family members by serving as ‘helpers in the nest’.

Your post must be a minimum of 300 words and include facts and/or research from at least one resource. Include the citation in MLA or APA format (websites are fine). Remember to be specific and connect your topic to the production of viable offspring.

The initial post is due Friday, June 10th at 11:59 pm.

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