Group Project : Brief



You are senior managers of a 5 stars, luxury hotel in the Arrabida Natural Park in Portugal, a protected natural area. The hotel’s USP (unique selling point) is to provide perfection and high quality in services while maintaining the concept of sustainability, giving customers the experience of luxurious comfort surrounded by stunning nature and privacy. In addition to enjoying the mountain landscape of Arrabida, guests can also enjoy the hotel’s vineyards, take nature walks or go swimming in the turquoise waters of the region. They also enjoy free parking and Wi-Fi, a spa and wellness facility, outdoor swimming pool and can take lessons in the local culture (food, language, wine etc).

The hotel also houses a restaurant that specializes in Portuguese cuisine and offer a selection of fresh, local products when available. The hotel is located on a 70 acre farm that consists of three main buildings which offers different accommodation options. It has 23 rooms, of which 3 are suites, 5 are junior suites and 15 are double rooms. It employs 33 direct employees.

The hotel has a concept of luxury which seeks to promote a cooperative relationship between guests and nature.


Project Objectives

To analyse the situation for the hotel and create a detailed proposal, with cost/benefits, of how they can improve their sustainability measures to meet the 2030 SDG targets. You should link your proposals to specific SDGs – state which ones and why you have selected them.

You will need to consider a number of points, including (but not exclusively):

· Energy reduction practices

· Waste Separation

· Supplies – logistics of transportation, carbon footpint etc

· Food leftovers

· Eco- products

· Reducing CO2 emissions

· Laundry

· Raising customer awareness of environmental issues

· Social sustainability practices

· Impact for staff

In creating your proposal you will need to consider also the risks involved (this is an ongoing business so still need to operate profitably).


Project Deliverables

1. PowerPoint presentation: to include the following slides as a minimum:

· Title page with name of presentation and a list of all group members with student id’s

· Table of Contents

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