To: Michelle

From: Tenika Tassin

CC: Elena

Date: 06/05/2022

Subject: Global Marketing

Following the discussion with Elena and the consideration of the new product in the company, the following are some of the recommendations.

The new product targets the females in the age of 22 to 36 years. This is because the fashion line is introducing a new product that will fit in the young generation in order to enhance the performance. This segment is characterized by love for fashion, frequent purchase, and great online presence. Thus, it is possible to increase presence in the market and increase the performance. The young population is distributed in all the parts of the world. However, the major focus of the company is in the United States. This is because this is a segment that is into using the social media and hence easy to be reached.

The psychographic characteristics of the target population includes the desire for quality and trendy fashion. Thus, they have an outgoing personality which increases the likelihood of purchasing trendy fashion. The lifestyle of this segment of the population is also defined and hence increasing their likelihood of engaging in trendy fashion.

The targeted population in this case incorporates people who are working class and have no families. As a result, they have sufficient money to purchase what they need to look good. This segment is also engaged in partying and hence requires constant availability of trendy fashion. The young people at 22 to 36 years also have no families and hence they have sufficient income to engage in purchasing of the products that enhance their looks. This is important because it will ensure that the company has sufficient clients for the new product in the market and create competitive advantages in the industry.

Thus, with the marketing portfolio, it is important that the company starts its marketing in the United States before spreading to the global markets.

Yours faithfully,

Tenika J Tassin

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