This Annotated Bibliography assignment asks students to find and evaluate four credible, peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles on their research topic.

See the attached document for detailed instructions.

*Topic chosen for research*

Race and ethnicity in unemployment and high rates of crime in America

The ideal sample for the research will be the African American population since they entailthe highest number of unemployed people in America. Latino and Caucasian groups. These are thethree major groups in modern America and provide the ideal population for examination. The threegroups will provide a dynamic population to properly sample, and it is also ideal for the distinct differences amongst these three groups.The issue of race and ethnicity in America is an extremely thorny topic. This topic focuses on this rather thorny topic examining the issue of unemployment and crime in America from a racial perspective. The topic will be able to examine whether race plays a role in the crime rates witnessed in America. The topic allows the researcher to analyze historical aspects of race and ethnicity in America to draw a conclusive analysis.

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