Reply to classmate

The word rudeness refers to behavior that is impolite or discourteous. In more formal terms, it refers to an attitude or manner of treating someone with a lack of consideration. When people act in an impolite or discourteous manner, they are considered to be rude and are often assumed to be bad, evil, or even beneath us. We work in a world that is becoming increasingly more globalized, and so our workplace environment, while being affected by people at a distance, also affects people in the same room (Alhor et al., 2021). When a team member acts in a way that may be impolite or discourteous, they are considered to be rude. A rudeness epidemic has been spreading like wildfire over the last few years and is often described as rudeness. It is the reason that this post was made, and has caused quite a stir on our team.

The topic of ‘rudeness’ has become a hotly debated subject of the last few years. With more people sharing more things online, and more communication taking place online, the public have become more outspoken about how they are being treated. So the general public have become more conscious about being rude and being taken advantage of. This, in turn, means that people are trying to be more careful when they are communicating with other people. One of the causes of this is that the use of social media has had a huge impact on the way that people work. Communication is no longer always face to face. A lot of people are now using text, email, voice or video messaging to share ideas and information. But the problem arises when people who use these modes of communication are not aware of the impact that they can have (Zbierowski, 2020).

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