The group assignment will be a fourth design of the NCTTS website and here the premises:

•  Group of three people, no more, no less

•  Open design, if you want to add images or change HTML/CSS is allowed

•  Each member of the group will adapt one of the pages (home, about, contact) and all pages should work together as the other designs

•  The final work will be presented on week 11-12 with your individual website.


The goal is to make a clean and neat website, for sure better than the three designs already done, because there are three people working and thinking about it.

Here some ideas:

•  Add different images, videos, borders, etc.

•  Change the HTML to use the proper semantic tag (<nav>, <section>, <header>, <footer>, etc.)

•  Make the navigation bar fixed to the top.

•  Give a nice look to the registration form.

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