Sage users have several options for picking the optimal version based on the suitability of the requested programme. These versions are quite short and excel at structured set programming abilities for the purpose. Now, if you are still unsure and confused about what exactly Sage 300 ERP hosting is, then let us proceed with the following information to gain more knowledge.

Sage 300 ERP Hosting

Sage 300 ERP Hosting is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) application deployment solution that utilizes the power of resilient cloud computing to provide a dedicated infrastructure to host the Sage 300 ERP application and its associated database. By delivering a single virtual workplace for optimal team collaboration and productivity, Sage 300 ERP on the cloud has altered the way corporate Resource Planning Tools are utilized.

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To secure sensitive data from unwanted internet assaults, the centralized cloud platform utilizes cutting-edge electronic, physical, and digital security technologies. To further explain Sage 300 ERP cloud, the technique comprises constructing a remote infrastructure for the application and data with the support of a hosting provider, which ultimately saves them the challenges and costs involved with owning and maintaining an in-house IT setup.

Sage 300 ERP Cloud Hosting enables businesses to maintain the aesthetic appeal of their powerful management software while saving money. This multi-user, simultaneous access is crucial for businesses with many locations and/or remote employees who wish to promote more efficient communication at all levels of the organization.

Sage 300 ERP Cloud Hosting features ensure the security of mission-critical data and sensitive files like never before. Software data and hosted files are automatically backed up nightly using a rolling 7-day backup schedule. If something goes wrong with your local IT systems, Sage 300 ERP Cloud Hosting is designed for the needs of businesses. It provides the security and peace of mind that is critical in these times.

A reputable Sage 300 application hosting provider covers all technical aspects of cloud adoption, from account setup and data migration to providing 24×7 technical support to guarantee that the application is constantly available and functional.

What does Sage 300 ERP Cloud Hosting comprises?

Let us take a look to know what all Sage 300 ERP Hosting further includes. The following are

The ones that are included in Sage 300 ERP Hosting:

  1. Integration of a Third-party Application. 
  2. Upkeep of information technology.
  3. Network uptime of 99.999 per cent.
  4. Unrestricted bandwidth. 
  5. Setup and onboarding expert.
  6. Backup every night (rolling 7 days).
  7. 50GB of storage space.
  8. Assistance with data transmission.
  9. A page for logging in/portal.
  10. Custom ports on a managed firewall.
  11. PC, Mac OS, iOS, Android, and internet access.
  12. Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the United States. 

Now, you might be wondering why one moves to Sage 300 ERP for Hosting. Well, without wasting any more time, let’s get right into the answer to this: why? Question.

Reasons for a business to adapt to Sage 300 ERP Hosting

There are several compelling reasons why a company should use Hosting Sage 300 ERP. a few are as follows:

  1. To help in the reduction of cost.
  2. You can access it from anywhere
  3. Also, it can be accessed anytime.
  4. To implement top-notch security requirements.
  5. Easy use is another important reason h=which cannot be overlooked.
  6. Also, to have 24×7 hour support.

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