Research Paper: Securing Data


IT infrastructure of an enterprise has:

a) Database servers, storage systems (SAN & NAS) for data storage

b) Computers, applications to process the data

c) Network components to enable connectivity among computers and servers

In this research, your goal is to secure the data processed by these IT components.


· Review the APA Citation Style guide if necessary. You can also consult the Learning Commons for writing support and library resources.

· Carefully review the Chapter 8, Chapter 11, and Chapter 12 of the textbook. The textbook is your primary source of information.


· Research and analyze potential vulnerabilities and security challenges that are associated with these IT components and that eventually threatens confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. Consider both the technical and non-technical vulnerabilities.

· Research and analyze various security countermeasures and solutions to secure data. Think about countermeasures in policy, human, database, application, computer, storage, server, network, data, object, and application dimensions.


Prepare a two to three-page APA formatted research paper. Your paper should be well-organized in terms of matching each stated vulnerability with at least one countermeasure. Real-world examples are a plus.


APA citation and referencing is required for this assignment. You must use in-text citations and a reference list to accurately cite the sources of information that you use to write your assignment.

Failure to use proper citations and references will be considered plagiarism. If you need further information about APA style and format, see the APA Citation Style guide. The Purdue OWL is another useful source of APA help.


1. Turnitin will automatically and transparently check your submission after you submit it. Turnitin is integrated into Canvas; therefore, you don’t need to sign up for Turnitin. After Turnitin completed processing your submission, you will be able to see your similarity result on Canvas.

2. Review your Submission Details and access your Turnitin report. Revise your work as needed based on the feedback.

3. By the due date indicated, re-submit the final version of your work.

BEFORE submitting your assignment for final grading, ensure that you have completed ALL of the steps above.

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