Module 3: The Tudor Era and the English Renaissance

Part 1

· Initial discussion board posts are due by 11:59 P.M. on Thursday. For your initial discussion post, you should:

· select one of the questions below:

· What are the characteristics of English Renaissance era literature?

· What are the concerns of everyday life during the English Renaissance?

· What role does religion play in literature during the English Renaissance?

· What is the impact of gender dynamics in literature during the English Renaissance?

· How might works of the English Renaissance differ from works of the Italian Renaissance?

· write a well-developed paragraph around 250 to 300 words that answers the question and includes:

· a clearly defined topic sentence

· at least one MLA formatted quotation from the assigned readings of literature for this module

· three or more sentences that explain how the quotation supports the topic sentence

· Be careful not to confuse editorial sections of the assigned readings with the literature (poems, stories, sermons, speeches, essays, etc.)

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