Module 1

8084 Blog: Scholar Practitioners as Program Evaluators

Program quality, like child development, is complex and multidimensional.

—Epstein, A. page 3

As a scholar practitioner, how might you use the content in this course to better prepare yourself for the complex and multifaceted process of evaluating program quality? Likewise, how might you use your personal and professional experiences to further promote dialogue and understanding on key concepts within this course?

In this Blog, you consider how the content in this course might better prepare you for your current and future role in the field. You also reflect on your experiences with program evaluation and share any questions you might have about this process.


To prepare

View this module’s media presentation, which captures the presenters’ first experiences with program evaluation. As you watch the media, compare their experiences to your own. Then, consider how your role as an early childhood leader might both impact and be impacted by the process of evaluating program quality.

Similarly to your first course, Child Development in the Critical Early Years, your classroom Blog will be used throughout this course as a communication and collaboration tool.


Assignment Task Part 1

Post a link to your classroom Blog and review the Blogs of others. In addition, post the following in your Blog:

· Describe how the content in this course might impact what you want to do and who you want to become in the field of early childhood. Share questions you might have, as well as best practices you may have learned from past experiences with program evaluation.

· Explain how you might both impact and be impacted by the process of evaluating program quality.


Assignment Task Part 2

Interact with your colleagues, sharing additional insights, comparing experiences, and posing questions that further promotes dialogue

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