Literature Review

Due: Midnight Sunday of Unit 6

A Literature Review is an integral part of your final project. You will be using the four (4) peer review articles that you researched and summarized for Unit 4 plus additional resources as needed. Write a literature review highlighting the important trends, thresholds (tolerances), and research appropriate for your initiative. Collect data and provide a descriptive analysis of that data, which supports the need for the initiative.

This literature review should include:

· A 1-2 paragraph overview of your topic.

· 1-2 paragraph(s) explaining how each article is similar to and how each varies from the other articles.

· Include the data source for your topic.

· Your conclusion should discuss how as a whole your research supports your proposal and the topic as a whole.


Literature Review Rubric

  CRITERIA Deficient

(0 – 5 Points)

Proficient to Development Needed

(6 – 8 Points)


to Proficient

(9 – 10 Points)

Points Earned

(30 Pts.)

1. Literature review and data presentation Literature review and data presentation does not cover the topics presented adequately or are not cited. Literature review and data presentation covers all topics but parts are unclear, require further development, or are insufficiently cited. Complete literature review and data presentation, which covers all necessary topics and is appropriately cited.  
2. Appropriate citations References missing or not appropriate caliber Fewer than 4 peer reviewed references cited. 4 or more peer reviewed references cited.  
3. Clear and professional writing and format Errors impede professional presentation; guidelines not followed Few errors that do not impede professional presentation Writing and format is clear, professional, APA compliant, and error free  
Total Points:  

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