KINS 259 – Cognitive & Cancer

Answer the following prompts Be sure you are answering each prompt in its entirety (some may have multiple components). You are encouraged to work on this with others, but everyone should be completing their own worksheet.


1. Discuss general recommendations/considerations for exercise for individuals with cognitive conditions & disorders (2 points)




2. In general, what are some of the benefits of exercise seen for individuals with cognitive disorders? (1 point)





3. What are some things you could do as a fitness professional to be better prepared to work with individuals with cognitive disorders? (2 points)






4. List some of the benefits of exercise seen in individuals with cancer (1 point)






5. What are some considerations you would have in creating an exercise prescription for a client with Cancer, include ways you would manage those precautions? (2 points)





Case Study Prompts (9 points total)

· Assume you have an adult client that has cancer. This client was physically active prior to their diagnosis but has been mainly sedentary during their treatment due to extreme fatigue and nausea. They have recently been cleared to begin exercise and have come to you to help re-build their functional capacity, strength, and stamina. Outline an exercise prescription (FITT) you would likely start this client with (aerobic and resistance should be included). You should include a list of at least 5 exercises you would have this client do.

· Discuss how you would approach these common adverse effects of cancer treatment: Upper body dysfunction, deconditioning, depression/anxiety.

· How would you progress this client over time?

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