Identify and update community resources for both hospital employees as well as patients.

Lara Roelofs

Ferris State University





Capstone project on how Borgess-lee hospital can resource out to the community


Borgess-lee hospitals can resource out to the community in several ways: providing employment, clinics, transportation, nursing home, and dealing with mental health issues. The hospital can also support upcoming projects in the community that will enhance accessible healthcare services to everyone. To ensure that the community keeps a good health record, the hospital should also provide training on healthy living by focusing on disease prevention and management and health promotion (Giacco et al. (2021). The community needs better access to healthcare, and by providing transportation whenever needed, the hospital will have enabled them to obtain medical care more easily. Transportation challenge is one of the reasons why most people do not get medical care, and by giving resourcing rides to the community, Borgess-lee hospital promotes a healthy community.

Quality focused project

The project is a quality focused project because its aim is to promote quality healthcare in the community by providing ways to easily access healthcare. The community lacks vehicle access, and they have to travel long distances to get to the hospital. By providing clinics, the hospital is helping the community deal with health problems in children and mothers and reducing the rate of child mortality in the community. Every community needs a nursing home and a mental health center to take care of the old and deal with mental health issues and provide CDC.


The hospital should think of approaches to strengthen community engagement and online and offline relationships. For a hospital to deliver the best healthcare in the surrounding community, it should ensure that a sting relationship is maintained. By engaging the community, the hospital will be able to get information that will improve preventive care and identify serious health issues. A good connection between the community and the hospital is beneficial for both parties because it builds trust and improves its reputation while the community gets quality healthcare (Giacco et al. (2021). For a community to feel engaged by the hospital, the hospital should focus on hiring staff from the community. When the hospital hires its staff from the community, it will help stabilize the community’s economy. Hiring staff from the surrounding community also creates links between the surrounding area and the healthcare center, thus strengthening the bond. If the surrounding community does not have qualified applicants, the hospital should develop campaigns that will urge nearby colleges and high schools to promote health-related careers.

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